Greeks Capture Documents Directing Massacre in Aidin Province

The Washington Herald. Washington, D.C. 20 March 1919

Paris, March 19. - Greek delegates have learned that the Turks recently laid plans for a wholesale massacre in the Province of Aidin, which is largely populated by Greeks, it was announced today.
The plans were revealed through orders captured from the Turks. The first, dated February 25 and signed by the commander of the Aidin gendarmery, reads:
"I call your attention to the attitude of the Greeks toward Mussulmans. We must exterminate this base, miserable nation."
Allies Take Precautions.
The order declared that money and arms have been distributed among well-known comitadjis for this purpose. More is promised if the plans are carried out successfully. The order concludes with the instruction to "act freely with women, regardless of their honour."
A second order said:
"The Greeks may be expected to express openly their sentiments for Greece. Immediately each citizen is expected to do his duty and join in a general massacre. Each should kill four or five Greeks. Oral instruction will be given as to the methods of executing this order."
As soon as the orders were seized allied representatives took necessary precautions.

Source: Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers. Lib. of Congress.


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