Ogden Standard Examiner
2 July 1922, p.23.

ADANA, Turkey. July 1. - Kemal Pasha, head of the Nationalist government at Angora, has issued orders that all American missionaries resident in Cilicia discontinue their work and leave the country immediately. The Turks appear to be working on a deliberate plan to get rid of minorities before the peace settlement in the view of observers here. Doctor Ward of the Near East Relief commission confirms that 10,000 adult Greeks in Asia Minor alone have been massacred and that the relief commission was not allowed to shelter children.
  Great Britain seems to be now the center of attack by the Kemalist press. One newspaper recently published the following:
  "It is the British who sow discord and trouble among you, oh servants of Christ. You should therefore know that  if the commandments of the Holy Spirit are ten in number, the eleventh should be hatred against England."
  "And you followers of Mohammed, every time you kill a Christian, you are pulling down one of the corner stones of the British empire. Therefore for God's sake massacre, for the love of your country massacre, in the name of crying humanity massacre, for the salvation of the world massacre."