Star (Christchurch).
19 Dec 1918, p. 4.

           LONDON, December 5.
Reuter    has   received   from   a   Greek
source   figures    showing   that   in  the
spring  of  1914    the   Turks   deported
700,000  Greeks,  of  whom 500,000 are
now   refugees    in   Greece.  From   the
beginning   of    the  war  to  the end of
1917 the Turks  had deported 2,140,000
Greeks    and     Armenians,   of    whom
900,000  Greeks   had  been   massacred.
   Further,   200,000   mobilised    Greeks
had  been  put  to  death  or had died of
their   sufferings.   A   great   number  of
women and children  had  been  convert-
ed  forcibly   to   Islamism.   Others   had
been   killed  or  had  committed  suicide.
The  property  of  Greeks  taken  by the
Turks   and    Germans   was   valued   at

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