La déportation et le rapatriement des Grecs en Turquie

 puaux la deportation

La déportation et le rapatriement des Grecs en Turquie
René Puaux
Éditions du Bulletin hellénique, Paris 1919.
23 pages, French.

René Puaux (1878-1937) was a French historian and journalist who worked for the French newspaper Le Temps [The Times]. He arrived at Smyrna (today İzmir) in 1919 and was able to collect vital eye-witness testimonies and information from the Smyrna Holocaust following the Kemalist Army's entrance to the city in September 1922. He published his findings under the title La Mort de Smyrne [The Death of Smyrna]. In 1919, he published the following booklet which describes the deportation/relocation of Greeks in Turkey before and during WW1 and attempts to repatriate these Greeks at the conclusion of the war.

On page 19 he writes:

"The war had created thousands of orphans whom the Turks had begun to Islamize. It was necessary to seek out these children and create orphanages to house them. There are currently 15 institutions of this order in Chalki (Constantinople), Kirk-Kilisse, Andrianople, Zinzidere, Ordou, Gallipoli, Pafra, Tokat, Sivas, Kerrassund, Trebizonde, Samsoun, Boulandjak, Akdhagh-Maden, Enos."

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