The Eastern Question: The Last Phase

eastern question

A Study in Greek-Turkish Diplomacy.
By Harry J. Psomiades
Second Edition
141 pages
Pella Pub. New York 2000.

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"The Eastern Question: The Last Phase examines the tremendous human dislocation that accompanied the final collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the emergence of modern Turkey, culminating in the Treaty of Lausanne. It offers a clear, comprehensive and authoritative analysis of complex issues that defined Greek-Turkish relations all through the twentieth century and remain sensitive to this day. A work of pioneering scholarship when it first appeared more than thirty years ago, it has lost none of its originality and value for those who wish to understand the current search for accomodation between Greece and Turkey."
- John O. Iatrides, Professor of International Politics, South Connecticut State University. (from the back cover).

Hellenism and Ottoman Turkish Imperialism
The Great Revival
The End of the Ottoman Empire
The Struggle for Thrace
The Contest for the Islands
The Exchange of Minorities
The Status of Minorities Excluded from the Exchange
The Status of the Ecumenical Patriarchae
The Lausanne Statement in Retrospect


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