1 Jan 1918: 1,000,000 Greeks Are Put To Death By Turko-Teuton Forces, The Washington Post

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Children and Old Men Towed Out to Sea in barges and
Dumped Overboard to Drown - Turks' Brutality
Organized by Hun Efficiency.

The Washington Post
1st of January, 1918

  New York, Dec. 31. - At least 1,000,000
Greeks,  men,  women and children have
perished   as   the   result   of  organised
massacres   and   deportations   by    the
'Turco-Teutons'   in   Asiatic  Turkey,  ac-
cording   to   a  statement   by    Lazaros
George   Macrides,   son   of   a   leading
merchant  of   Trebizond,   made   public
through  the  Armenian  and Syrian relief
committee here today.

Macrides,   who   recently  arrived  here,
says   he   was  one of a party of  2,000
Greeks  which  was rescued by the Rus-
sian  fleet  that bombarded  the town of
Ordou   late  last   August  and took the
refugees   aboard.  He  had  been taken
to Ordou, he said, when the  Turks raid-
ed  Trebizond  and  seized  his  father's
store along with those  of  other  Greek

"Those  of  us  who  were  between the
ages of 18 and 60 were drafted into the
Turkish   army,"   said   Macrides.  "Our
women and  children and the older men
were  placed  temporarily  in homes and
orphanages   unti  l the   opportunity of-
fered   to   dispose  of  them  in  the ap-
proved  urco-Teuton fashion, which   in
this   instance   turned   out   to   be by
wholesale drowning.

"The   unfortunate   survivors   of    de-
portations  were  towed out for several
miles into the Black Sea and then calm-
ly dumped overboard just like so  much
garbage.  None  of them survived. Ger-
man efficiency has simply organised the
natural brutality of  the Turk and  made
it many times more  effective  than ever
before. I should think  that  at the most
conservative estimate at least 1,000,000
of my fellow countrymen have perished
miserably through the organised cruelty
of   this  Turco-Teutonic  alliance.   The
only hope of the future lies in America."


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