Turks Organizing New Massacres

Special to the New York Times.

8 December 1918.

WASHINGTON, Dec. 7. - Information was received through diplomatic channels today that the Turkish authorities, despite Turkey's defeat, are pursuing a brutal attitude toward the Christian populations of the empire and are inciting the Ottoman people to fanatical outrages against the non-Moslems.
    It is declared that the Young Turk Committee, which came virtually to an end in name with the flight from Constantinople of Enver Pasha and other leaders, is being reorganized, and that its new name will be the Renaissance. The friends of the fugitive chiefs of the Young Turks are employing their influence against the new Government and the Allies.
    Many signs of organizing among the Turks for new massacres of Christians, and particularly Greeks, are noted. The tone of the Turkish press is reported as hostile to the Allies, and the police show particular hatred to Christians. Stamboul, a French newspaper published in Constantinople, is publishing warnings to the Turks against their indulgence in uncivilized excesses, and advises the Turks to "submit to the inevitable".
    Feeble efforts have been made by the members of the Turkish Parliament to excuse the massacres of Armenians and Greeks. The members, however, appear to be hostile to the new Government, which is said to be too weak to enforce respect and obedience. The Grand Vizier, Tewfik Pasha, is over 80 years of age, and weak. The Allies are being attacked in Parliament, and the Foreign Minister, Rechid Pasha, and the Minister of the Interior, who sought to reply to the attacks, were hushed and threatened.
    One of the Turkish Ministers is credited with having said that the Government was incapable of establishing its authority. The Turkish administration throughout the empire is wrecked, and the new Government seems unable to repair it .