Western Mail, W.A
October 26, 1922.

The following appeal printed has been received in London from a well-known member of the Greek colony in France:

"Each day brings fresh crimes to our knowledge. Only yesterday, the writer of these lines had the shock of learning of the death of a beloved brother, whom the Turks had murdered by injecting poison, whilst professing to vaccinate him. They have murdered in this way thousands of young Greeks from the Pontus, after enrolling them in  those terrible "labour battalions". Is it not time that the proposed Commission of Inquiry into these abominations without parallel in the world's history should really get to work in order to end, belated though its institution has been, the martyrdom of a whole peaceable population consisting of little else beyond inoffensive and defenceless women and children? It is a question of simple charity and of the most elementary humanity."

The charge brought against the Turks of killing off Christian "recruits" by toxic injections will only astonish those who have forgotten that certain members and agents of the Committee of Union and Progress were convicted by the courts-martial held at Constantinople after the armistice of having systematically perpetrated a similar method of crime in Turkish hospitals during the war.


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