31 Jul 1920: Turkish Atrocities, Maitland Daily Mercury

maitland mercury31july1920


The Maitland Daily Mercury (NSW).
July 31, 1920. p.5.


           (The "Times" Cables) 
                       LONDON, July 28.
  The correspondent  of  the  "Times"  at
Constantinople  reports that  the  Nation-
alists have massacred hundreds of Greeks
and   Armenian  civilians  at   Geive,  and
there  have been  numerous murders else-
where.  These  crimes  were  quite  unpro-
   The conduct of  the  Greek  troops  has
been  exemplary,  but  they  wil l be   diff-
icult  to  restrain  if  they  find  more  but-
chered  Christians.   The  British   Govern-
ment  is  blamed  for  dilatoriness  in  try-
ing the Turks interned  at  Malta who are
charged  in  connection  with  massacres.
These  were  invariably  authorised  from
above.   So  far  only  one man has been
hanged. If a few more of the more highly
placed  Turks  know they risked their own
necks   the  massacres   would   probably

"TURKISH ATROCITIES." The Maitland Daily Mercury (NSW : 1894 - 1939) 31 July 1920: 5. Web. 21 Jul 2021 <http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article127337896

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