1,000,000 GREEKS KILLED?
Trebizond Merchant Puts Victims of "Turco-Germans" at That Figure.

The New York Times.
Jan 1, 1918.

  At least 1,000,000 Greeks, men, women,
and  children,  have  perished  as  the  re-
sult   of   organized  massacres   and   de-
portations   by   "the  Turco-Germans"  in
Asiatic   Turkey,  according    to  a   state-
ment  by Lazaros   George   Macrides, son
of   a  leading   merchant   of   Trebizond,
made  public   through  the Armenian and
Syrian   Relief   Committee   here   yester-
   Macrides,  who recently  arrived   here,
says he  was   one of a   party of   2,000
Greeks  which   was rescued  by the Rus-
sian  fleet   last    August and took   the
refugees aboard.
   "Those   of us who were between   the
ages of 16 and  60  were drafted into the
Turkish    Army, "  said  Macrides.   "Our
women  and children and the other men
were placed  termporarily  in homes and
orphanages until the opportunity offered
to dispose  of   them  in   the   approved
Turco-Tueton fashion, which   in  this in-
stance  turned  out to be   by  wholesale
   "The  unfortuante survivors  of the de-
portation  were   towed out for   several
miles into the Black Sea and then calmly
dumped   overboard   just like  so much
garbage. None of them survived.