31 July 1919: Turks Parboiled 250,000, New York Times



The New York Times
July 31, 1919

    Charges   that   Turkish   officials   deci-
mated the  Greek  population  along  the
Black Sea coast by 250,000 men, women
and  children  living  between Sinope and
Ondou  without  the shedding  of  blood,
but   by   ‘parboiling’   the    victims     in
Turkish   baths   and  turning   them  out
half-clad  to  die  of  pneumonia  or other
ills in the  snow  of  an  Anatolian  Winter,
are  made  in  a  letter  from   Dr. George
E. White,  representative  of  the  Ameri-
can   Committee  for  Relief  in  the  Near
East, made public yesterday.
     Dr. White  said  that in the Province of
Bafra, also, where  there were  more than
29,000 village Greeks,  now less than 13,-
000  survive, and every Greek settlement
has   been  burned.  The  number  of  or-
phans,   including  some   Armenian   and
Turkish  children,  in  the  entire   district,
it  was  said,  aggregated  60,000.  Since
the  armistice,  the  doctor  wrote, many
of the deportees have been returning to
their ruined homes.


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